Become a Certified Installer

Grow your business with confidence and become a certified installer

Paint Protection Services are here to support your business with the products, tools, training and resources necessary to succeed. We have three courses running throughout the year and dates will vary depending on demand. All our courses include product history, product samples for use during training and at home, the tools required to applicate successfully, troubleshooting, aftercare and warranty information. We also share ideas around improving productivity and reducing rework. At least half of every course is hands on practical training with guided supervision by a certified applicator.

Level 1  ½ day

Great for those looking to expand their current business portfolio, or simply want to learn a new skill and have no previous experience

Level 2  1½ days

Great for those who have completed level 1 and want to expand their skills or those who have had previous hands on experience

Level 3  5 days

For those who have successfully completed level 2 and wish to specialise in Paint Protection Film application on a daily basis. Includes custom fitting across all areas of the car and allows access to pre-cut patterns and film at discounted rates. This also gives you a 3M Certification.

If you are interested, please send us an enquiry with:

  • the level of training course
  • the company you work for and
  • the area you live in

We can send you futher details from there.